Greetings from USA

I have received an e-mail from an American ham called Hud. His handle is K5ZG. Hud has told me that he is a friend of Anders SM6CNN. Hud is also telling us that “You now have a real world class contestor in your ranks with Andy SM6CNN.”. Neither is Hud a beginner in the contest area – try search Google and you will see! Thanks for a nice e-mail, Hud. I know folks will appreciate to read your story!

Lasse SM6WZI

HEJ Svenska Hams

It all started when I was 11 yrs old. My parents were surgeons and would go to Stockholm every other summer to study at Karolinska, the finest hospital in the world. I would go along and have a good time in Stkhlm. I got my novice (code only 75 watt, xtal controll) when I was 10. My first DX QSO was Bertil SM3VE in Gavle. the next summer I took the train from Stkhlm to Gavle to visit for the weekend and ended up staying with his family for the entire summer. He lived with his parents at the summer house on the sea and had a 3 ele 15 meter quad on a pole thru the roof of the bell tower on the house. We had many wonderful summers there. Andy, SM3CNN was very close as Bertil was to marry his sister. They have been together many yrs now. It is a shame Bertil has a sensitivity to RF and cannot get on the air for many yrs. Some 20 yr ago Andy came thru Seattle when I lived there on his way home from Los Angeles to Sverige and spent the weekend with us. It so happened it was Thanksgiving weekend in the US and so he had turkey and CQWWCW with us. He also bought an Ic751 to take home with him. We took him around the Seattle area to meet the BIG GUN contestors and he had a good time. Now Andy is SM6CNN and very active on the bands. I hope to get over to Sverige in the next yr to see him and Bertil. My mother was Svensk from Jonkoping so I have a link as a “Viking Boy”. Her name was Erickson. I hope that all is well with you guys over there and Andy can get everyone up and running in the contests. I want him to come over here for thanksgiving one year and operate my stn that I am building up. Tac for the message. Jag talla inte bra svensk any more.

73 Hud, K5ZG

MU4UT….ask Andy what that means

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