Nödsamband från Nepal

2015-05-02 Nödtrafiken avslutad tillsvidare. Satish 9N1AA meddelar att ingen mer radiohjälp behövs just nu. Trafiken kommer att återupptas vid behov.

2015-04-30 Nödfrekvensen är nu ändrad från 14.205 KHz till 14.300 KHz med qsy-frekvens 14.215 KHz. Tyvärr är nu 14.300 tidvis belastad av digitala QRM.

2015-04-26 Just nu pågår nödtrafik på frekvensen 14.205 MHz USB med anledning av jordbävningen i Nepal. 9N1AA har nyligen gått qrt p.g.a. ytterligare skalv. Ansvariga vill ha ren frekvens +-5 KHz. Radioamatörer från Indien på väg till Katmandu med radio och antenner.

6 comments on “Nödsamband från Nepal

  • SA6NRZ says:

    There is a secondary channel on 14.215 were there are discussions and other non priority information.

  • John says:

    This only proof that using HAM radio as emergency communication don’t work. To many people disturb the traffic, and don’t care…never use ham radio for emergency traffic!!

  • Anders says:

    Saxat från QRZ.com för kännedom. Anders SM6UUN

    Nepal Earthquake: Frequency now 14300 kHz

    As an Italian contest is scheduled for this weekend, the Nepal disaster frequency has moved to 14300 kHz until further notice

    All emergency traffic will be passed on 14300 kHz which will be a controlled net as was 14205 kHz and 14215 kHz. Previous issues in Nepal with 14300 kHz have now been resolved.

    Relay stations will still be required to keep QRM to a minimum.

    Our secondary frequency will remain open between the hours of 0800z and 2300z for non emergency traffic relating to the disaster and will be a controlled net when ever possible.

    Thank you all for your assistance and continued cooperation

    Amir Bazak 4X6TT

    Listen to 14300 kHz USB using an online Short Wave radio

    9N1EMERGENCY Facebook Group

  • Anders says:

    Läste mer info på Facebook, då detta dök upp. 73 SM6UUN

    Just spoke to Satish 9N1AA .
    we are closing down the EMERGENCY FREQUENCY 14300 for Nepal
    no more action needed at this time.
    in case of any news from Satish for any type of traffic we shall be back on air.
    Let me take this opportunity , to thank every one of you out there who has been helping us in last 6 days.
    I want to send a special thanks to my Main helpers on this Emergency net
    Colin – CT7ACG
    Timo- OH8XAT
    WAYNE – N0UN
    Steve GJ3DVC
    SV1HX Albert
    Rudi- ON7CL
    my special thanks to Dirk DC8BJ
    I am sure I have forgotten a few more , please forgive me.
    I would strongly suggest we keep monitoring for any traffic in next few days.
    p.s. I would recommend that we take all pros and cons of this event, and learn to act better and faster next time we have such an event.
    let us do some brainstorming here on this page , to share some new ideas of how can we improve.
    I wish you all a nice and quiet weekend , Shalom from Israel
    Amir Bazak 4X6TT


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